Based on aptitudes and abilities, this test identifies education, work and career one is best suited for. It includes Subject Apperception Test (SAT), Vocational Aptitude Test (VAT), Personality Assessment Test (PAT), Intelligence Test (IQ Test), Basic Abilities Test (BAT), as well as Counseling & Mentoring (C&M)

Dr. Ajay Rai is senior professional and internationally acclaimed author of books on vocational aptitude tests, counseling and mentoring, as well as ELT [English Language Teaching]. He has over 36 years experience in the field.

Every man [and woman] has but one destiny.
None of us can do more than one thing at a time. Success and failure in our work spells out success or failure in our lives. It is thus imperative that we should know what we can do best. What our vocational destiny is.
Many years back, there was a boy. Intelligent, healthy and had many abilities. But there was nobody and nothing which could tell him where his vocational destiny lay. He found it by hard experience.
Complete Aptitude Test (CAT) is dedicated to him, with the hope that other boys [and girls, too] are saved that hardship.

[Adapted from] "Choose Your Career: Aptitude & Vocational Aptitude Tests"
by Dr. Ajay Rai, Published by Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 1993

All of us dream of a life that has:
  1. Work we are best at. We call it career.
  2. Education we are best at. We need this because it defines our work and career.
  3. The resulting life that has the best success, prosperity and has real meaning.
  1. Education in any subject is hard unless one has the aptitude for it and is interested in it and cares for it. Aptitude is to the subject what oil is to the machinery. A machine operating without oil will grind itself to pieces and shorten its life - and in the meantime use more power and produce less.
  2. Students studying subjects not to their aptitude meet the same fate - making great efforts and not succeeding. Students who do badly in their studies or drop out are all those who do not have the aptitude for the subject they are studying.
  3. When pressurized to study a subject not to their aptitude, students suffer some of the ugliest situations, developing in them psychological and other problems.
No subject is good or bad. It has all to do with ones aptitude for it, which also defines ones liking, and interest for it. If a student studies a subject for which s/he has the aptitude and liking, s/he will accomplish more with less effort and time.


The unique and very accurate COMPLETE APTITUDE TEST (CAT) identifies the best subject, best stream, and the best career that one must identify and aim for. It includes the following:
  1. SUBJECT APPERCEPTION TEST [SAT], identifying subjects and careers based on aptitude and interest.
  2. VOCATIONAL APTITUDE TESTS [VAT], identifying specific aptitudes that define the best career.
  3. INTELLIGENCE [IQ] TESTS, identifying our intelligence level that defines the work we are best at.
  4. BASIC ABILITIES TESTS [BAT], identifying our basic abilities that define work and career.
  5. PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT TESTS [PAT], identifying our basic personality traits that define our work.
  6. COUNSELING AND MENTORING (C&M), paying special attention to:
    1. Career Related Counseling.
    2. General Counseling, to ensure best performance in education, work and career.
    3. Family Counseling, to ensure fulfilling relationships with parents, siblings, relatives, etc.
    4. Personal Counseling, to ensure fulfilling interpersonal relationships - friends, opposite sex, strangers, etc.
  1. Dr. Ajay Rai has over 36 years experience of mentoring and counseling. He has designed and implemented unique, result oriented Subject Apperception Tests, Intelligence Tests, Vocational Aptitude Tests, Personality Assessment Tests, and Assessment of Basic Abilities Tests. He has had amazing successes.
  2. He has written over 68 books on subjects that include counseling, mentoring & English language skills, published by national/ international publishers such as Vikas Publishing House, Jaico Publishing House, Orient Paperbacks, Sterling Publishers, Crest Publishing House, etc.
  3. In addition, he has done pioneering work in intelligence and general awareness, concluding that, “People with high general awareness may not have high intelligence [but they usually do]; and people of high intelligence may not have high general awareness [they usually do not]”. And that a proper equilibrium between the two provides the solid base upon which future success rests!
  4. An alumnus of Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi, he has worked in multiple sectors of education in international organizations, and holds a Ph.D. in Sociology of Work. His research work identified areas that have significant growth now and in future, with amazing accuracy.
  1. Dr. Ajay Rai’s Mentoring Program: This program is all about clarifying doubts in a person’s life, guiding him to the best path according to suitability and overall development for the person. It is the best way. [PA, B.Com. [Hons] 3rd year]
  2. My special achievements - 1. Through the mentoring program, I now feel that there is nothing impossible to do. I think through this program I can master all aspects of my life. [VS, Class 12th, CBSE]
  3. My special achievements - 2:  There was student in my college whom I thought was very intelligent and [thought that he] will top the college in academics and my fellow mates also thought that. But I proved them wrong and scored more marks. [I actually topped the college]. This was possible because of this program. Now I do not underestimate my strength and try to give my best [in everything that I do] [PA, B.Com. [Hons] 3rd year]
  4. Significant effect on my family life. I am developing a deeper and stronger bond with my family. I respect and value my parents much more than I did before. [VS, Class 12th, CBSE]
  5. This program has benefited me. I have developed confidence in myself. I practice what I learn from this program with my friends, colleagues, and family. By so doing, I have developed myself. The most important things I have gained are self-confidence, ways of thinking and dreaming, etc. [RR, a senior accounts professional]
  6. The mentoring Program affected me in all means. My working style is totally changed. Now I am working very smoothly in managed way with all future planning. I have developed my confidence. What I have learned in Mentoring Program, I applied it in my working as much as I can. [RNT, an actor/ singer]
  7. The program helped me boost up my confidence level, cultivate skills for effective team work, develop public speaking ability and leadership quality etc. [MSC, senior recovery professional]
  8. I have felt major changes. After attending the program I have felt major changes in my thinking regarding relationship with my seniors, loyalty towards organization, time management, etc. Experiences and thoughts of others that I came across thru this program helped me in developing myself. [There has been a distinct improvement in my] personality, as well as increase in my working skills. I have learnt also that we can be innovative in whatever routine work we are doing. [DP, Store Incharge]

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